‘Good ingredients give me good energy‘

‘Good ingredients give me good energy‘ – Herbalife talks with celebrity chef, Rachel Allen

Working on a set of recipes exclusively for Herbalife Nutrition, celebrity chef Rachel Allen invited the Herbalife team to her own home in Cork, Ireland.

And although the weather was slightly grim, her warm personality lit up the room and the mood of the whole team. Rachel is the perfect host who will go out of her way to keep everyone happy, and -of course- well-fed.

Humble and kind-hearted, Rachel can talk about condiments or eggs with such passion and her burning enthusiasm for food shines through all of her recipes. She also shares Herbalife’s ethos about healthy eating, which is always a key element in all of the exclusive recipes she is developing for Herbalife Nutrition.

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There’s a great synergy between the Herbalife ethos and mine

HN: This is your second campaign with Herbalife Nutrition, so what did you initially know about the brand and how do you feel about it now?

Rachel: I initially thought Herbalife just made protein drinks, and I wasn’t aware of the company’s ethos. what is great is how Herbalife promotes the whole active, healthy lifestyle. It’s really lovely that the recipes that I am writing for the company, tie in with that – it has nice synergy. I think the message is that no matter how busy our lifestyles are, we can always make time to eat well and pay attention to what we’re putting into our bodies.

HN: Which products do you like?

Rachel: The F1 Banana Cream! I had it this morning actually because I knew that I wouldn’t get to get time to have breakfast. And I really like the F1 Vanilla because I find it’s just really versatile with other flavours. It’s a great one to blend in with fruit and vegetables too, as I did with the Green Goddess shake.

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‘I do love food that looks lovely but isn’t very fussy to create’

HN: Do you like to cook and eat a huge variety of food at all?

Rachel: Yes, I’m really passionate about having the rainbow of colours in my diet, and I’ve tried to reflect that in the recipes I’ve created for Herbalife Nutrition.

I do love simple, seasonal food. Dishes that look lovely but aren’t very fussy to create; simple, concentrating on the ingredients.

Good ingredients give me good energy; I find if you notice you feel lethargic it’s often because you’ve eaten lots of bad food, and then you top up on sugary treats for a quick fix which leads to more lethargy. It’s a repetitive cycle which can be avoided by making sensible choices and eating a balanced, nutritious diet.  I try not to get into that bad cycle.

HN: What is your ethos and how does that resonate with the Herbalife ethos?

Rachel: I am very passionate about healthy food, and how it makes me feel. I really like to have a well-balanced diet and the way it makes me feel.

That’s why it made such sense working with Herbalife Nutrition because it’s all about finding a good, healthy, balanced way of life...

HN: Tell us about the recipes we’ve filmed today?

Rachel: The F1 Banana Cream Pancakes are delicious and a real treat for any day of the week. You can make it with lots of berries or grapes if you wish, it’s a great opportunity to get in lots of extra fruits. And of course, you can up the oats and decrease the flour if you like, or use gluten-free flour instead.

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