Time for a Living Room rethink?

Time for a Living Room rethink?

Create a work-hard, play-hard room with plenty of clever features and space-savvy ideas!

We, humans, are getting so demanding when it comes to our living rooms – it’s no longer one room, one use. From watching TV to fine dining, from the children doing homework to socialising and entertaining your friends, it’s become a truly multifunctional space.

Flexibility is key to creating a Living Room space that looks stylish while meeting the constant pressures that people placed on it. Here are our top tips for getting your multifunctional living space just right.

Make space to eat your food

Think about what you want to use your living room for, along with the things you’d like to change. If you’ve had enough of eating your dinner on your lap in front of the TV, then see if there’s a way of reconfiguring the furniture to fit in a small table and chairs, it's actually healthier for you also, perfect when drinking your herbal tea!

Try a small dining table as this will allow space to flow around it and will fit nicely into the corner of a room. Inspired Rooms have many extendable and fold down tables to choose from.

Think outside the box – just because you’ve always had your sofa against a wall, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work as well moved into the middle of the room, allowing space for a sideboard or dining table behind. All too often, we often push the furniture back against the walls, it's almost become a habit to make space in the middle when actually we’d be better bringing the furniture in and using those corners to create different zones.

Create a homework office hub

With more and more of us working from home, a mini office is often high on our wish lists. The ideal design is a desk area that looks creative and inspiring.

Use a console table or small desk that won’t dominate your living room space, teaming with a comfortable seat that can double up as an extra dining chair when entertaining. Make sure you have enough light in your work area, and maybe a few plants would help.

For the Living Room

Make it inviting

Add a low-level coffee table, maybe a soft rug and a few floor cushions for the kids, by doing this your living room will become a casual space to entertain, serve coffee and a cream cake or enjoy supper with a nice glass of wine.

If your living room is used by several members of your household, then think about setting up an area where people can do their own thing. This could be somewhere for your children to listen to music through their headphones, or maybe Dad would like to enjoy the Sunday papers or shopping on a tablet in a quiet space.

Make sure there’s a comfortable chair as well as a table or overhead floor lamp and a power point to charge up any device, then you will truly be inspiring rooms.

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