Our mattress tension ratings are intended for guidance purposes only and are based on our product range rather than any official industry standards. Our highly trained staff will always advise you on which mattress is best for you based on your personal circumstances.


Soft - gentle support that moulds to your body shape - ideal for those who sleep on their side.

Medium - supports and contours to your body shape - ideal for those who change sleeping positions.

Firm - offers enhanced support - ideal for those who sleep on their back or stomach.

Extra Firm - offers a very high level of support - ideal for those who sleep on their back.


Open Coil - traditional, low cost spring unit. Made up of rows of interconnected 'hour glass' springs that help spread your weight evenly. Great value and hard wearing.

Continuous Coil - unique system, made up of rows of intertwining springs that run the length of the mattress. Eliminates roll-together and partner disturbance. Supportive and comfortable.

Foam - a supportive material that mould to your body`s contours, eliminating pressure points. Hypo-allergenic properties, ideal for those with respiratory problems. Low cost and durable.

Pocket Springs - independent springs nested in individual fabric pockets. These springs are the most profiling and sensitive of the spring systems. Enhanced support and superior comfort.


Memory Foam - responsive material that offers the ultimate in comfort and support. Moulds to the body shape by using individual weight and temperature. Pressure relieving and hypo-allergenic.

Latex - a natural product that offers outstanding temperature and moisture regulation. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite resistant. Pressure relieving and long lasting.

Gel - cooling thermo-regulating properties. Disperses heat away from the body when its warm, storing and releasing it back when it is cooler. Temperature regulating and comfortable.

Geltex - boasts an open cell structure that provides unparalleled breathability. Prevents the body from overheating and promotes perfect spinal alignment. Pressure relieving and supportive.

Natural - fillings such as wool, cotton, silk and cashmere are springier and softer that synthetic layers and boast excellent temperature regulating properties to keep you cool and fresh throughout the night.

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Soft Versus Firm Mattresses
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