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Natural Touch Pocket 1000 4ft 6 Mattress

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The Natural Touch 1000 is fully upholstered in a soft woven damask cover and includes a foundation of body-contouring pocket springs, topped off with layers of natural cotton.

Overheating in bed is a common problem, that's why cotton is popular with high-end mattress manufacturers as it has the ability to disperse excess moisture away from the body.

At the core of the mattress is a pocket spring interior, a traditional sleep system made up of totally independent springs housed within their own flexible cloth sleeve.

This allows each spring to move freely, so the load on one spring is not affected by any neighbouring springs, providing piston-like support to each part of your body.

A flat rod-edge metal frame is fitted to the perimeter of the spring unit to ensure the integrity of the nested pocket springs and allow you the full use of the mattress width.

Normally reserved for high-end mattresses, the Natural Touch features two rows of genuine side-stitching; a labour-intensive process that sews the perimeter springs directly to its border.




Hand-tufted finish


A traditional process that ensures the mattress fillings are held securely in place. Especially important for extra deep mattresses

Woven damask cover

Hard-wearing and durable cover in a timeless woven design

Natural cotton comfort layers

Cotton has excellent breathability properties. It regulates temperatures by drawing moisture away from the body for a healthier night's sleep

1000 pocket springs


Pocket springs are totally independent and provide the most sensitive and supportive spring system currently available today


Hand side stitching

A labour intensive job that directly sews the perimeter rows of springs to the side panels. This provides complete edge to edge support and prevents the mattress border from bowing out over time

Soft support

Offering a comfortable sleeping surface, this will suit people with a slighter frame and those who prefer a softer level of support