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Open Coil or Pocket Sprung? The Facts You Need to Know
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Open Coil or Pocket Sprung? The Facts You Need to Know

At Inspired Rooms, we understand that choosing the right mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep. Let’s explore the differences between pocket sprung and open coil mattresses, along with their varying levels of firmness and support:

  1. Pocket Sprung Mattresses:

    • Supportive: Pocket sprung mattresses consist of individual springs encased in fabric pockets. Each spring works independently, providing targeted support to different parts of your body.
    • Comfort: These mattresses offer a balance of comfort and support. The springs adapt to your body shape, relieving pressure points.
    • Firmness Options: You can find pocket sprung mattresses in various firmness levels—soft, medium, and firm. Choose based on your preference and sleep position.
    • Ideal For: Pocket sprung mattresses suit a wide range of sleepers, including side sleepers and couples.
  2. Open Coil (Bonnell) Mattresses:

    • Construction: Open coil mattresses have interconnected springs joined by wire rods. They work together as a unit, offering even support.
    • Comfort: These mattresses provide more give and a softer feel compared to pocket sprung mattresses.
    • Firmness Options: Open coil mattresses are available in different firmness levels, but they generally offer a softer sleeping surface.
    • Ideal For: If you prefer a softer feel and want a budget-friendly option, open coil mattresses may be suitable.
  3. Choosing the Right Level of Firmness:

    • Soft: Ideal for those who prefer a gentle cradle and pressure relief.
    • Medium: A versatile choice suitable for various sleeping positions.
    • Firm: Provides more support and maintains spinal alignment.

Visit our Torquay showroom to explore our collection of pocket sprung and open coil mattresses. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you toward the perfect choice based on your preferences and needs.

Upgrade your sleep experience with Inspired Rooms! 🌟🛏️

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