• Time for a Living Room rethink?

    Create a work-hard, play-hard room with plenty of clever features and space-savvy ideas! We, humans, are getting so demanding when it comes to our living rooms – it’s no longer one room, one use. From watching TV to fine dining, from the children doing homework to socialising and entertaining you... View Post
  • This not a question of ornithology but of chronotypes. We are speaking of our tendency to ‘morning-ness or ‘evening-ness’ depending on when we organise ourselves temporally. Individuals adopt specific temporal relationships between external and internal time, called the ‘phase of entrainment’ – a... View Post
  • Bed Care Guide

    Take care of your new bed and it will take care of you! Thank you for purchasing a new Inspired Rooms Highgrove Bed/Mattress, we hope this gives you many years of sleep comfort. This product has been handmade with a wide mix of either natural and/or man-made fillings to ensure long-lasting comfor... View Post