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Passero Leather Sofa Collection

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The Passero Leather Sofa range is a comfortable upholstered leather Armchair, 3 seats + 2 seater that shows the natural beautiful Italian look.

The same luxury hide used to upholster the seating areas is also used all the way around the sofa's frame.

Semi-Aniline Leather

Semi-aniline leather sits between corrected grain and fully aniline leather. It is often manufactured from better-quality hides with fewer natural markings. The surface is not buffed or corrected, unlike corrected grain leather, so some natural markings may still be visible. Aniline dye is predominantly used to colour the leather, and a thin pigment coating is then applied to its surface. A much thinner coating of pigment is used on semi-aniline leather to allow the natural beauty of the leather to show through.

We use Softouch leather match on the lower sides and back of our sofas. This is polymer-based material and has an embossed grain very similar to leather. With huge innovations in this technology over the last couple of years, colour matching is virtually identical to leather.

Hardwood Frame 

Our sofas are constructed using a Hardwood Frame. You’ll notice this if you ever come to move the sofa! They are very heavy and each one is glued and screwed with dowelled joints that provide superb rigidity.

We don’t compromise on the quality of our suites by using split leathers or, even worse vinyl as a means of upholstering the none visible areas of our sofas.

Handcrafted in Bari, Italy. This has a double sprung seating system and high tensile serpentine springs (no sag) forming the base of the frame of this sofa. All seat cushions are then sprung with a unique coil system (56 coil springs in single bags for every single seat)

Using this unique system, this sofa provides perfect comfort and allows the cushions to return to their original shape, practically eliminating any trace of sagging in the seat.

If you are looking for a classically styled sofa with unrivalled comfort, our Vintage collection has certainly proven to be popular with customers old and new.

  • Premium quality
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Armchair, 3 Seater + 2 Seater & Corner
  • Frame Made of Wood+hardwood
  • Premium Quality Italian Leather
  • Non Recliner Seats

Handcrafted In Italy

We are very proud of the fact that the Passero sofas are handmade in Italy by craftsmen selected for their outstanding skill and attention to detail. So you can enjoy your Passero sofa for many years to come.

Style and Quality ‘MADE IN ITALY’ – Italian Designer Furniture

‘Made in Italy’ stands for breathtaking design, superior quality, and cutting-edge technologies. Our furniture's chic style and quality workmanship is a true reflection of the Italian soul and its close bond with its history and heritage. Italian style and craftsmanship are renowned the world over for their meticulous attention to detail.

Platinum Delivery Service

Using only the best delivery crews available within the furniture industry, your sofa can be delivered by one of our friendly 2 man teams. They will happily place your new sofa in the room of your choice on ground floor level.

Made to Order items:

This item is classed as made to Order. All Made to Order items are manufactured as per the order supplied by you. We are unable to accept cancellation or accept any extra cost that may incur due to the wrong information provided by you at the time you placed the order.

3 PLACES 2 CUSHIONS 210-83 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
2 SEATS 170-67 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
ARMCHAIR 110-43 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
3 SEATS 2 LEFT ARM CUSHIONS 185-73 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
3 SEATS 2 RIGHT ARM CUSHIONS 185-73 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
2 SEATS LEFT ARM 145-57 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
2 SEATS RIGHT ARM 145-57 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
MAXI LEFT ARM ARMCHAIR 105-41 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
MAXI RIGHT ARM ARMCHAIR 105-41 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
LEFT ARM ARMCHAIR 85-33 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
RIGHT ARM ARMCHAIR 85-33 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
ARMCHAIR WITHOUT MAXI ARMS 82-32 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
ARMCHAIR WITHOUT ARMS 60-24 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
OPENABLE CENTRAL JOLLY 36-14 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
RIGHT ANGLE 112-44 " 72-28 " 113-44 "
MAXI CHAISE LONGUE RIGHT ARM 105-41 " 72-28 " 165-65 "
MAXI CHAISE LONGUE LEFT ARM 105-41 " 72-28 " 165-65 "
CHAISE LONGUE LEFT ARM 85-33 " 72-28 " 165-65 "
CHAISE LONGUE RIGHT ARM 85-33 " 72-28 " 165-65 "